The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal Treatment Price at Teeth At Tiong Bahru

Apr 13, 2024

Introduction to Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic therapy, is a dental procedure that is commonly recommended to save a tooth that is severely infected or damaged. Despite the misconception that root canal treatments are painful, advances in modern dentistry have made the procedure comfortable and highly effective.

Understanding Root Canal Treatment Price

When considering root canal treatment, one of the essential aspects to understand is the pricing structure. The root canal treatment price can vary depending on various factors such as the complexity of the case, the location of the tooth, and the expertise of the dental professional performing the procedure. At Teeth At Tiong Bahru, we offer competitive pricing for our root canal treatments to ensure that our patients receive top-quality care at affordable rates.

Factors Influencing Root Canal Treatment Prices

Several factors can influence the root canal treatment price. These factors include the following:

  • Extent of infection or damage
  • Number of roots in the affected tooth
  • Location of the affected tooth in the mouth
  • Complexity of the root canal procedure
  • Materials used during the treatment
  • Experience and expertise of the dentist

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment offers numerous benefits to patients, including:

  • Relief from pain and discomfort caused by tooth infection
  • Preservation of the natural tooth structure
  • Prevention of further spread of infection
  • Restoration of oral health and functionality
  • Enhanced overall dental well-being

Why Choose Teeth At Tiong Bahru for Root Canal Treatment

Teeth At Tiong Bahru is a leading dental practice that specializes in general dentistry, dentists, and orthodontists. When it comes to root canal treatment, our experienced team of dental professionals is dedicated to providing personalized care tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient. By choosing Teeth At Tiong Bahru for your root canal treatment, you can benefit from:

  • State-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology
  • Compassionate and skilled dental specialists
  • Customized treatment plans based on individual requirements
  • A welcoming and comfortable dental environment
  • Affordable root canal treatment prices


Root canal treatment is a valuable dental procedure that can help save a tooth from extraction and restore oral health. Understanding the root canal treatment price and the factors that influence it is crucial when considering this treatment option. At Teeth At Tiong Bahru, we strive to deliver exceptional root canal treatments at competitive prices, ensuring that our patients receive the best possible care without breaking the bank.

For more information on root canal treatment prices and to schedule a consultation with our skilled dental team, contact Teeth At Tiong Bahru today.